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We represent injured workers in New York State

There are many other law firms in the state that work both sides of the fence.  They not only represent injured workers, but also major corporations that do business in this state.  It is possible to do this without creating conflicts, but our firm chooses to avoid any potential for conflict by following our instincts and providing representation only to those on the injured workers side of the fence.

Key benefits of our representation:

    • Assistance in securing medical and factual

      information needed to support your claim

    • Assistance in obtaining the authorization for

      medical procedures as requested by your doctor

    • Preparation and filing of necessary documents

    • Appearances and representation at hearing and


    • Presentation of your claim to the Workers'

      Compensation Board of the State of New York

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The insurance companies don't like us

We haven't won any friends among the insurance companies.  We have years of successful litigation of claims against insurance companies and self-insured employers in the State of New York.

Get the representation you need to assist you in all processes involved in your claim.

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Our attorneys have combined experience of over 40 years in representing workers injured on the job in claims before the Workers' Compensation Board.  Our firm has represented thousands of injured workers over that period of time and have appeared at thousands of hearings and trials.


We have provided successful representation to claimants for a variety of claims, some routine and some that are out of the normal scope of injuries.  Our experience ranges from litigation of straightforward injuries such as limb fractures, strains and sprains, to all types of repetitive work injuries.  We have also provided representation for the most complex heart or lung claims.




We make every effort to provide for your needs.  We strive to ensure you have someone to speak with when you have any questions regarding your claim.  We provide the advice and assistance appropriate to your needs.

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