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Representation for limb injury claims

Workers' Compensation Law in the State of New York is set up in such a way that it treats different injuries in different ways.  For example, injuries to the trunk of the body such as back or neck injuries, are treated differently than injuries to the hands, fingers or legs etc.

Continuing limb injury problems

If your limb injury is causing you continuing problems and you have had no response from the Workers' Compensation Board or received notice that your case is being administratively closed, the smart thing to do is retain experienced and knowledgeable counsel.


Workers who have suffered limb injuries are entitled to awards if they have permanent problems with the injury, but the Board will not seek you out and you will need assistance to secure the proper benefits.

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Expert opinion

There are many instances in which our firm will arrange for expert opinions to use in support of your claim.  Unfortunately, this is sometimes necessary because many doctors are either uncooperative or do not understand their level of obligation to their injured patient.

We will ensure you have the proper medical documentation to support your claim.

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This aspect of the system does not work well if you have had a limb injury that keeps you out of work.  The benefits for limb injuries, except under limited circumstances, are supposed to come to an end within a relatively short period of time after the accident or after surgery.  


If you have protracted problems from your injury, we can assist by making sure that your doctor understands that there are legal issues involved in your case and that he or she will need to submit the sort of medical evidence that is truly appropriate for the injury you have sustained.  


We will not try to alter their opinion of your injury, but we will make sure that when they express their opinion, they have considered all of the facts.  We will make sure they have access to the appropriate Board literature upon which to base their opinion of your injury.

Inability to work due to a limb injury

Limb Injury Support