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Have you been injured due to the negligence of another person?

No matter how careless or negligent your employer may have been or even how seriously you might have been injured, you can't sue your employer for an injury you suffered at work because you are limited to Workers' Compensation benefits.

Injury caused by someone else's negligence

Injuries that occur during the course of your work that are caused by others not connected to your employer can be the subject of a lawsuit against that "third party".  Sometimes the right to bring such a lawsuit is unclear and needs further investigation.


For example: You are injured on a construction project when a scaffolding you are standing on collapses causing you to fall.  Under these circumstances you may have the basis for a lawsuit and you are very likely to be unaware of your rights.


It's with this type of lawsuit that you can try to obtain damages for serious injury and damages that could include pain and suffering or the loss of enjoyment of life.  These type of damages are not recoverable in a claim under Workers' Compensation Law.

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How we do it

Our law firm has been providing representation to injured workers in lawsuits for years, but our services even extend further than that.  We are well networked and we often engage the assistance of experienced trial counsel to participate in the litigation of the matter when such an engagement appears appropriate.

We will analyze all aspects of your injury, whether it is a back injury, a neck injury or an injury to a limb,  to determine the best course of action.

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We provide

    • A preliminary evaluation of your claim at no cost to you

    • If we conclude that under the facts as you have described them, a legal basis may exist to bring a lawsuit, we

      proceed to the investigation of the factual basis for your claim

    • If at that point, we persist in our belief that you have a valid basis upon which to commence an action, we

      proceed to do so.

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